An unofficial blog on the archaeological excavation at Horbat Omrit, northern Israel. 22 May to 22 June 2010.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday, 28 May 2010

A good digging day: The soil got looser and items started appearing, as expected. Early in the day we exposed a column drum. The columns of the temple weren't made in one piece but rather "drums" were made and then piled one on top of the other. Of course when a column fell those drums went every which way. As I said yesterday, it is hoped to reconstruct some of those columns eventually.Later in the day 2 more drums appeared. I'll have more pictures tomorrow. We put in a half day on Saturday.

After lunch a few girls asked if I would take them into town for shopping. We started at the "secret gin store", so named by the staff many years ago because it had a paucity of signs. Today it's a little more obvious. Here they are in the parking lot: Katy, Maggy, Sarah (who's in my square) and Alysa.


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