An unofficial blog on the archaeological excavation at Horbat Omrit, northern Israel. 22 May to 22 June 2010.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New web site

Regular posts will begin after 22 May but I wanted to tell you about this great new web page on Omrit from Great photos and more info about Omrit than I've seen yet in one place. There is also local geographical information and an attempt to place Omrit in an historical context. I've listed it in the column on the left. Don't miss this one.


Rotem said...

Hi Bill

Thanks for the great review.

Do you have a recent aerial view of the site? I would like to add one. I did ask it from Prof Overman on Apr 11 but did not get back an answer. Also, a photo of the Roman road near the site will be appreciated, since we have a special info page on Roman roads.

God Bless expedition 2010

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