An unofficial blog on the archaeological excavation at Horbat Omrit, northern Israel. 22 May to 22 June 2010.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday, June 1

I hear the Israelis shot up some peaceniks off (way off) Gaza yesterday. Or rather, they shot up "rioters" as an Israeli news service stated. Everything is calm and peaceful here. Somehow I'm not reassured.

It's about 100 degrees F this afternoon, though it feels hotter. I'm room-bound. Pleasant this morning in the field though.

We have encountered lots of "big stuff" in our square, as you've seen in the pictures, though, perhaps, not exactly all the right stuff. We are going to move to the area adjacent to ours and level it too. After we gussy up what we've done for photos.

I didn't take any photos today so here's one from yesterday and also one from my "birthday" party on Saturday.


John Winterburn said...

You will have to explain what "Gussy Up" means or us in the old world.


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