An unofficial blog on the archaeological excavation at Horbat Omrit, northern Israel. 22 May to 22 June 2010.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday, June 16

Here is a not very good photo I took yesterday on the bike trip. Under the "a" is where we dig. Under the "b", up the hill, there was a battle between Syria and Israel during the 67 war. Above and to the right of the "a", up on the slope of Mt Hermon, is a Crusader castle.Just as we were finishing up our dig for the month (cleaning for photos tomorrow) we found this piece broken off from a Corinthian Capital from the top of a column:Since we are finishing up our square, we went into town to eat a little shwarma or a vegetarian falafel. Here we are at Shlomo's Baguettes:


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